Sunday, February 03, 2008

Israel gearing up for Another War

Another piece of gloom and doom; I'll try to do better next time.
Global Research, February 3, 2008
Press TV (Iran) - 2008-02-02

Israel calls for shelter rooms to be set up in a bid to prepare the public for yet another war, this time, one of raining missiles.

"The next war will see a massive use of ballistic weapons against the whole of Israeli territory," claimed retired general Udi Shani.

Shani did not specify whether by 'the next war' he meant a battle against the residents of the Gaza Strip, the Lebanese or the war many speculate Israel will wage on Iran allegedly over its nuclear program, which the recent US National Intelligence Estimate conceded to be void of nuclear arms development intentions.

Speaking on the radio as part of a military propaganda offensive, Colonel Yehiel Kuperstein said the safety of civilians must be assured and put forth a plan to equip apartments with a reinforced room serving as a shelter.

"Today in Israel only one third of apartments have such a room able to provide shelter. They have neither an air filter nor ventilation system enabling anyone to stay there for a long time," said Kuperstein.

Israeli officials, who have been preparing the public for a major war, have started the distribution of brochures in six languages instructing people on how to react during a future war, particularly in the event of missile attacks.