Friday, April 11, 2008

Veterans demand that Cheney and Bush are charged with war crimes

Is there hope after all ?

Source, and do NOT miss the comments They are incredible ! Some Americans are waking up !

"Excellent start! May many more citizen rebellions erupt in public places across the USA, especially those calling for the arrest and prosecution of the war criminals in power in Washington.

blizzard | 04.10.08 - 1:20 pm | #"

"Wonderful. This is much-needed civil disobedience, which I fervently hope will be one of the precursors to civil war. If the people of America, the owners of America, want to take back America from those who have stolen America, then you owners of America must face the bleak truth that you have to overthrow this current, corrupt, and depraved ruling class. Just like the men and women of honor did in 1775. Truly, this current crisis is even worse than that nightmare.